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Now that the cover is done and the textblock is ready its time to put them together. We secure the textblock from the last endpaper by using plastic as well as waste paper (to soak up moisture when drying). Use PVC to glue down the straps and paste & glue topaste down the mull and then the final endsheet. Snug the textblock next to the spine and close the book. Oh, ya, I added simple (fake) headbands to his the edges of the signature.

The whole thing goes under weight and the waste sheets are replaced to remove moisture. I eralized that I did not have proper tools for making the french groove - the groove next to the spine and cover. So I made some crappy ones out of Davey board and used plastic coat hangers! You can see the hangers in the above photo!

Running out of time so will not be able to put marbles paper on the inside cover - the wedding is tomorrow and I wanted to deliver the book today. I can always do it later. I wrote this between drying! Book one and book two. And yes, there is a slight warp on one book. August 28, 2009.